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Uncategorized / 14.06.2018

So recently I attended an ECMeetUp event at Fairview Race Course with fellow fashion & beauty blogger Basically Kelly. The idea is to create an opportunity for Nelson Mandela Bay bloggers, influencers and brands to meet and network. Founded in 2016 by Luchae from My Spread...

Lifestyle, Uncategorized / 08.03.2018

  Hii Lovelys, hope you’re well and sticking to your goals for this year – we’ve hit the three-month mark! I’ve been quite busy lately and you’ll figure out why soon enough. Exciting news; I’ve recently made a very adult decision by leaving the nest and venturing...

style / 07.02.2018

Happy New Year, if you needed to hear it one more time J also happy birthday to the blog it’s officially a year that I’ve been blogging. As most of you must have noticed, I took a break from the blogosphere and focused on my health,...

style / 31.08.2017

We should all support feminism. Nowadays, many of us women proclaim to be feminists, but few of us actually are. Instead of liberating one another, we judge one another. We judge Sally when she exposes her body, saying “She’s looking for attention”, and Darla for...

style / 27.06.2017

Social media – the only place we always visit while we’re trying to be everywhere else. As girls, we see posts of models, celebs, makeup artists, bloggers and girls that just seem to have life figured out right down to their perfect porcelain skin. We...